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ReRun is in the appstore!

After experimenting on this OSM 3d building “stuff” for a while, I decided to make an app out of it and release this to the iOS appstore! You can check this out here: Appstore Link.

This app allows you to take your workouts from Strava and view them in a 3D Environment. It uses OSM data for the buildings and Satellite/Elevation data to allow for 3D terrain and to texture the model.

So far I have actually received quite a few feature requests, so I plan to continue working on it. Top of the list is to add support for exporting and sharing videos/gifs and to allow visualisation from workouts retrieved from apple health. I am also working on a chase camera.

3 thoughts on “ReRun is in the appstore!”

  1. I recently upgraded to OS10.14.6 Went to use Rerun last night and found that it doesn’t appear to work with what I am now running. Don’t know if it will work when I eventually upgrade to OS 10 Catalina.


    1. Hi Rick! Sorry to hear that. I will upgrade my mac to that version and see if it works for me. I know the iOS version definitely works – if you can – you may want to use that in the mean time


    2. Nick, it turns out that this is because Strava changed the way their service works. I updated the iOS version of the app and forgot i would also have to update the mac version. Expect a new version soon.



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