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As you may have guessed by now, my name is Rufus. I graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a BSc (hons) in Computer games programming. Programming wise my main interests are in iOS development and 3d graphics. I also have a mild interest in ubiquitous computing and anything that just seems a bit clever.

Programming is not only a job for me but also one of my hobbies. I enjoy making little side projects to see what I can build and test the limits of the latest hardware. Normally I create these projects and destroy them… I thought I would start a blog as a way to document/remember all the things I have built/experimented with, build a portfolio and maybe get in touch with some like-minded people!

During the day I work for a company called Linknode as a software engineer building cross platform mobile applications using Xamarin and Monogame. Linknode applications mix GPS/motion information from the sensors with 3d Rendering to build power 3d Visualisations which are aware of the location and orientation of the device. I was the sole 3d/iOS engineer working on Linknode’s flagship VentusAR product for the first 2-3 years of its life.

I also enjoy taking part in programming competitions when I find the time and even managed to find myself in the winning team of one of the future-cities hackathons. Outside of programming my hobbies include listening to music, hunting for castles and watching TV shows on Netflix! In addition I enjoy playing guitar and on the rare occasion can be spotted doing some charity gigs or playing at birthday parties!



  1. Hey Rufus are you on LinkedIn? You can find me as “Richard Leon Terrell” or just email me: rickalo801@gmail.com. You have interesting stuff here and I’d just like to stay in contact if you’re cool with that.


  2. Hi 8BitTrick, I am on Linkedin. You can reach me by searching for “Rufus Mall” or possibly Rufusmall@hotmail.com. I tried to find you but when I searched your name nothing turned up! I will send you an email just incase you don’t see this reply or something!


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