Wow I have been so busy lately – an unexpected hobby came out of nowhere and I decided to start taking another a bit more seriously!

I think for any developer in the Apple eco-system the week of WWDC is probably one of the development related highlights of the year.

A non exhaustive list of what I am hoping for:

-Better health kit app! Seriously – the health kit app is really simple – basically Maximum, minimum and average rates for all/most datasets. Surely Apple can do much better than this!
-Drop for 32-bit app support! Not many people seem to be aware of this, but launching a 32-bit app on a 64 bit device will cause all the 32bit frameworks to be loaded alongside the 64 bit versions. This increases memory pressure and depending on your app can be a pain in the butt!
-Better multitasking on the iPads, support for features such as Drag/drop etc
-Everyone keeps talking about Augmented/Virtual Reality – but I am really hoping for some crazy surprises in Artificial intelligence. I think the potential for machine learning is just immense and I hope something magical gets done! iOS 10.0? Already added some machine learning API’s etc. I beleive Machine learning has potential to transform all areas of iOS!

Earlier on I had a much bigger list in my head, but seem to have lost my thoughts. Overall I hope Apple manage to blow us away with something mostly unexpected – such as that time Swift was announced. Those occasions excite me the most!

Happy WWDC!


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